SolarWinds Web Help Desk And Related Software Increases Responsive, Flexible IT Management

SolarWinds Web Help Desk helps you get to the heart of individual users’ issues and troubleshoot problems swiftly and effectively, while maintaining overall control over ticketing across an organisation. But what if your end-users are out of the office and working on the move? What if your IT systems administrators are also mobile – do issues go unresolved? Not with SolarWinds expertise. Products such as Mobile Admin and Dameware allow IT professionals to have complete control, 24/7, regardless of the location of the support service or end-user. This article looks at just a few of the features of each of these impressive IT solutions.

How SolarWinds Assists IT Help Desks Worldwide Manage Processes And Communications

There are plenty of personal qualities an IT professional manning a helpdesk must have, such as the ability to listen effectively to users’ issues with patience and empathy, and a sense of urgency to help resolve those issues as quickly as possible. Software can’t help bestow the necessary interpersonal skills on individuals, but other critical qualities for a helpdesk professional’s success can be bought! These include meticulous attention to detail, the ability to be highly organised, the flexibility to manage competing demands, and speed and accuracy to see the problem through to resolution, for instance. This is where SolarWinds Help Desk can assist. Your IT team has less credibility if problems are left unresolved; and yet, especially in large organisations, it’s often the customer who shouts loudest who gets the best service. This inevitably leads to frustration amongst your end users and a poor image of the IT department that’s supposed to be there to help them. You need powerful resources at your fingertips to help you manage tasks – and expectations, too. SolarWinds Patch Manager offers unrivalled support to IT professionals in carrying out patch management across even tens of thousands of servers and workstations. SolarWinds Web Help Desk gives you this. By streamlining the service request process from creation to resolution and automating many routine tasks, the software saves time and resources while allowing for escalation of more critical issues. Tracking assets is made easier too, from numbers of licenses held and deployed to details of warranties on hardware, so no information is lost sight of. And because knowledge is power, SolarWinds WHD incorporates a searchable knowledge database, so the simplest or most common of issues can be resolved by users themselves, reducing demand on the IT department and empowering end users.

Versatile Remote IT Management Via SolarWinds Mobile Admin And Dameware

Increasingly, though, fewer of us are office-bound and more and more employees are working on the go, utilising mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to keep in touch with their organisation and with clients. For IT professionals, themselves often mobile, this brings issues of its own, including how to ensure quality of service and steady performance for workers who are out and about; and of course, security issues. Here, SolarWinds Mobile Admin and SolarWinds Dameware have you covered. The former allows IT administrators to solve problems remotely, 24/7, from any location. Available for use across an impressive list of mobile devices, the built-in dashboard and notification system informs the administrator of upcoming and ongoing alerts. Mobile Admin then has a range of 40+ resolver plug-ins, which allows for the rapid fixing of the issue, and an updated ‘green’ status on the dashboard to confirm that. Dameware takes that a step further. With this remote support system installed, administrators and other support technicians can manage and take control of servers, laptops and notebooks running Windows, Linux or Mac OS X where necessary, from their own desks or via iOS and Android devices. Features such as chat, screenshot and file transfer enable IT professionals to gather the information necessary to resolve issues quickly and minimise downtime. What’s more, it’s also the first software of its type to include secure remote connectivity via interactive Smart Card logon and remote Smart Card authentication. Interested in any of these impressive solutions to IT headaches? Speak to Kenson Network Engineering Ltd.

Source Expertise In SolarWinds Web Help Desk And More From Kenson Network Engineering Ltd

Here at Kenson Network Engineering Ltd, we don’t think it’s immodest to say that we are experts in SolarWinds products. After all, we have been working as partners of this world-class IT solutions provider for over 15 years now. If you’re looking to upgrade your user support and are impressed by the range of functions offered by SolarWinds Web Help Desk, Dameware or Mobile Admin, you can do no better than speak to our SolarWinds certified engineers. The full specification for each product is laid out on our website at, and we’re always delighted to talk you through your options on +44 (0)1285 647900 or via email at