SolarWinds VoIP And Network Quality Manager – Proactive VOIP And WAN Monitoring

SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager monitoring delivers a powerful solution for identifying issues relating to WAN-related or site-specific network performance, from the perspective of all of your remote sites. This makes sure that you are always one step ahead of end-user complaints and issues. You can proactively identify and get rid of noise, latency and distortion. You can monitor and report both historical and real-time performance statistics for your IP SLA-capable network. There are a number of important features that will give you the ability to manage your entire network, which we will reveal next.

Call Manager Monitoring is one of the features of SolarWinds VNQM. You will be able to continuously track the performance of call managers and interact with call managers by using ICMP and SNMP monitoring technology. Another feature is Gateway Monitoring. You can effectively monitor your VoIP gateways thanks to the comprehensive resources that are available with this SolarWinds platform, giving you a complete overview of your gateways’ individual PRI trunks. Custom Reporting also gives you historical and real-time statistics reporting, enabling you to communicate the condition of your network properly. Custom Alerts and Actions are also available.

VNQM SolarWinds software offers Gauges and Charts, which are easy to read and can be customised to suit your requirements. You can also make the most of VoIP Phone Troubleshooting, which enables you to identify phones that have been impacted and any patterns associated with this. You will get details regarding termination call code, packet loss, latency, MOS, call destination and source and region information per call record. Another important feature to mention is Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring with Cisco IP SLA Operations. This measures the performance of your network, providing instant insights into QoS, with metrics including mean opinion score (MOS), jitter, latency and packet loss.

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