SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor – Manage Your Multi-Vendor Storage Devices

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor is a storage monitoring and capacity management software which will give you exceptional visibility into how your multi-vendor storage arrays are performing. You will also be able to keep a close eye on the application stack, enabling you to quickly spot any storage problems that could be impacting the performance of your application. So, let’s take a further look at what SRM from SolarWinds can really do for your business. Well, rapid installation means it usually takes less than an hour to start monitoring your storage infrastructure. Storage usage analysis can be simplified with ease and you can reclaim storage space.

SolarWinds SRM also enables you to boost efficiency and ROI by automating the process of collecting and presenting storage capacity planning and reporting. You will also be able to troubleshoot performance issues; and get end-to-end visibility into the application stack. You will have the platform to effectively monitor storage performance, which enables you to isolate hotspots in your multi-vendor storage environment. All of this is backed up by the many features that come with SRM, as well as the many supported storage devices, from NetApp and Hitachi to IBM and Dell.

Some of the key features associated with SolarWinds Network Device Monitor SRM include Hardware Health Monitoring, Storage I/O Hotspot Detection, Storage LUN Views, Automated Storage Capacity Planning, and Storage Performance Monitoring. Hardware Health Monitoring allows you to monitor, alert and report on key device metrics, including power supply, fan speed and temperature. Storage I/O Hotspot Detection presents you with numerous detection capabilities so you can scan your multi-vendor storage environment. This ensures you can quickly identify potential issues, as well as having rapid access to detail information about the virtual and physical resources that are causing problem. You then have Automated Storage Capacity Planning, which makes a typical arduous task very easy.

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