SolarWinds Serv U – Enhance Control And Security Over File Transfers

SolarWinds Serv U is FTP server software which provides secure file sharing and file transferring. Your IT department will benefit from centralised control for managing file transfers, as well as automation and security. This will be deployed within your data centre; and it gives you the peace of mind that you can exchange files securely with business partners and between employees within your company. This is important today when you consider the risks associated with the cloud today and the number of security breaches that are reported in the media. With this self-hosted solution, your compliance and security needs are catered for.

With SolarWinds Serv U FTP Server, you will be able to secure the transfer of sensitive business files over IPv6 and IPv4 networks. You can also avoid data at rest in your DMZ network; deploy MFT Server software in your own data centre; and meet security policies and compliance requirements. A straightforward drag-and-drop UI makes it easy for you to transfer large files, i.e. those that are over 3GB. SolarWinds also simplifies uploading and downloading files from mobile devices and web client devices. You will also save time and resources as a result of the useful automated file transfer operations. Managing file transfers remotely and centrally from the web also leads to great cost efficiencies.

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