SolarWinds Patch Manager: Its Benefits And Application In Your Organisation

SolarWinds Patch Manager offers unrivalled support to IT professionals in carrying out patch management across even tens of thousands of servers and workstations. It draws together the entire process of patch and update management, from identification to implementation, testing to reporting. What’s more, it works across not only Microsoft products but third-party applications too, making it a one-stop shop for automated patch management. But for the uninitiated, what is a patch, what is patch management and why is SolarWinds software the best on the market for the job? This article seeks to look into these issues in more depth.

What Is A Patch And Patch Management, And How Can SolarWinds Help?

So what is a patch in IT terms? Simply put, it is a quick fix for a problem that emerges while a computer programme is in use. The patch is a piece of code that temporarily repairs the issue for users, giving the product developers time to develop a more permanent solution for the software’s next release. When administering a network within an organisation or across organisations, it’s inevitable that end-users will make use of a huge range of software packages, even operating systems. Patch management involves keeping abreast of the patches (or code changes) available for each of these computer programmes, and making decisions on which patches are necessary or desirable for the organisation to use. Further tasks will include making sure that the relevant patch is installed correctly, testing the efficacy of the solution, and maintaining records of how that patch has been installed, where, and with what results. Across multiple users, numerous software developers and many different programmes, that process becomes time-consuming and can be extremely difficult to track without the assistance of a patch manager. Any such tool must be capable of carrying out all the above functions as easily, as effectively and as quickly as possible, because it’s not uncommon for patches to cause more problems than they resolve. Check out a SolarWinds Patch Manager review online, and you’ll see that this is one piece of software that offers powerful yet easily applicable solutions to patch management. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how highly affordable such SolarWinds Network Management solutions are when you see the functionality they offer. SolarWinds Web Help Desk helps you get to the heart of individual users’ issues and troubleshoot problems swiftly and effectively, while maintaining overall control over ticketing across an organisation.

What Makes SolarWinds Patch Manager Support So Invaluable To Organisations?

With SolarWinds Patch Manager support, your IT Department can take advantage of sophisticated management and administration of patches across your organisation for both Microsoft and third-party applications. No matter whether you have oversight of fifty pcs or tens of thousands of servers and workstations, this software will keep your IT fully updated and compliant. Where previously, such tasks were likely to take weeks to implement, the SolarWinds Patch Manager reduces that to mere minutes, saving your organisation huge amounts of time and resources. The software will identify already available, tried and tested patches from the biggest names in software, from Apple to Adobe and Google to Oracle. There is also the functionality to simply build custom updates for any application via a custom package wizard, then deploying it via Microsoft WSUS or SCCM. Over the entire network or networks, built-in reports will then allow you to identify at a glance what patches are currently in place and are compliant with current recommendations. These reports will also readily highlight gaps as yet unaddressed and non-compliant patches, allowing for better service performance and management of security risks. Also, this SolarWinds software will handle patch management on both physical servers and virtual machines, the latter becoming increasingly common in organisations’ IT architecture. And these are just a few highlights of the many advantages of using SolarWinds software for your organisation’s patch management. While the user interface is intuitive and easy to use, Kenson Network Engineering Ltd can also provide full SolarWinds Patch Manager training for your people on request.

Benefit From A Free Trial Of SolarWinds Patch Manager From Kenson Network Engineering Ltd

Like many of the products we sell, at Kenson Network Engineering Ltd, we offer you the chance to try and evaluate the utility of the SolarWinds Patch Manager to your organisation before you buy. You can download a free 30 day trial of the full version of this product by heading to our website at If you need support with this or any other products we supply, get in touch with our experienced team on +44 (0)1285 647900 or email us at And if you like what you see, it’s worth remembering that we offer full installation and training services on all SolarWinds IT solutions, as well as the other products we supply.