SolarWinds NTA: How A NetFlow Traffic Analyzer And Other Tools Help Plan And Manage Your Network

SolarWinds NTA, or NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, and its NTM (Network Topology Mapper) software are two highly useful tools that help keep you informed in different ways about your network. While the former concentrates on analysis of network traffic and helps IT managers and administrators to plot trends, the latter offers a visual overview of your entire network. While more data and information is always welcome, the important thing is what you do with it once you have gathered it. This article takes a look at just a few of the advantages of deploying these SolarWinds products in your organisation.

Four Benefits Of NetFlow Traffic Analysis With SolarWinds Software

Organisations are placing an increasing emphasis on network traffic monitoring and analysis, and one of the most popular tools to do this with is the SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. But what can companies then do with that information, or is it just a ‘nice to have’? When it comes to monitoring traffic, there are potentially huge benefits to be accrued. Here, we list just four of the most useful applications of that data. Firstly, it gives IT managers insight into those applications, departments and/ or users that are consuming more bandwidth than others. This might be for entirely legitimate reasons, or it could indicate, for example, misuse of company resources; either way, it does inform decisions on how resources should be deployed in future or whether access should be restricted if necessary. Secondly, traffic analysis can illuminate possible external security issues. If, for instance, there is an unusual spike in usage in an unexpected area, this could indicate an attack on your network. Thirdly, analysing current usage can help guide decisions on shaping the way the network looks in future. If certain areas historically and habitually experience greater demand, and as a result encounter more performance issues, this can be intelligently planned for in terms of greater investment in measures to avert congestion. And finally, it offers opportunities for verification of billing by your service provider. Any discrepancies in volume can be challenged if you have up-to-date data on usage recorded internally. Moreover, SolarWinds NetFlow Analyzer, unlike many of its competitors’ tools, gives accurate, real-time figures rather than inferred or estimated data based on trends. SolarWinds DPA, or Database Performance Analyzer, is a powerful tool used by database administrators, IT professionals and developers of applications to assess the performance of databases and allow for analysis of issues arising within Microsoft SQL Server.

Four Reasons For Using The SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper

Another invaluable tool on offer is the SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper. This software makes it fast and easy to document your network in a visual format. But why is this so invaluable to network engineers? There are four key advantages to mapping your network. First, a visual representation of all devices and the overall layout is far quicker to scan over, understand and manage than a stack of written documentation. Next, such a map of your network can be of great assistance when troubleshooting actual or potential problems across the infrastructure. Specific areas and device connections to nodes can be swiftly identified and honed in on. Thirdly, a map of the network as it currently stands helps identify gaps and overloads when planning upgrades for the future. And fourthly, a visual image of the infrastructure allows you to access information on the network at any time, whether that’s for isolating and filling gaps in your documentation or preparing for audits. And using SolarWinds Topology Mapper is of even further benefit. Where in the past you may have spent many hours attempting to map an entire network with Visio, SolarWinds automates the process of drawing up network diagrams. This speeds up the process considerably, saving a great deal of time and resources. It enables documentation to be prepared on demand and helps make troubleshooting easier. And the end result can be manipulated and added to manually or by scheduling automatic updates, so your network map can be as up-to-date as you require. For a host of other benefits associated with this or SolarWinds NTA, why not speak to Kenson Network Engineering Ltd?

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