SolarWinds NPM – What Is Network Performance Monitoring And How Can It Be Improved?

SolarWinds NPM is an expert tool, but designed to be simple yet effective to use. In essence, your computer network is your company’s lifeblood. Nowadays, little can be achieved without a stable and secure network that links your employees with each other and with the outside world. SolarWinds is one of the top performing companies when it comes to workable solutions to network problems. This article looks in more detail at the role of network performance monitoring and how having effective measures in place will not only secure the performance of your network, but it can also improve it, keeping your company productive.

The Role of Network Performance Monitoring And Why You Need SolarWinds Technology

The concept of a network is changing rapidly, as technology progresses at faster and faster rates. Where typically, around 20 years ago, 1Gbps was considered a decent speed for data transfer over the Ethernet, now speeds of 40-100Gbps are in sight. Not only that, but cloud computing, application and server virtualisation and software-defined networking are impacting the complexity of network performance monitoring. In short, there is more information, travelling faster, and across a landscape growing at an exponential rate. The role of network performance monitoring, therefore, is becoming increasingly important, but by the same token, potentially far more complex an undertaking. But what is NPM and how can software assist IT professionals to carry out their role in it? In simple terms, network monitoring involves the routine checking of computer networks and network devices, and optimising their performance. This is routinely done through NPM software such as the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor. Such programmes give users the ability to take the temperature of their network, and provides a statistical analysis of issues such as the amount of time it is available to employees and how quickly servers respond to requests. It offers metrics on the speed of downloading and uploading data, and gives insight into network delays. Viewing these metrics in real time, on a one-off or ongoing basis, allows IT professionals to diagnose actual or potential problems and take preventative or remedial action. In summary, a SolarWinds network performance monitor review helps to ensure that the network is performing according to or beyond the standards required by users of the system. SolarWinds NCM, or Network Configuration Manager, is just one of a suite of purpose-built software solutions designed by SolarWinds.

How The SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12 Beats The Competition

Simply put, there is no easier network performance monitoring software to put into action and use on an everyday basis on the market today than SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12. It is a breeze to install and once operational, gives your IT Department the power to swiftly identify issues and outages across your network that are affecting its performance. It concisely analyses all aspects of your network, whether on-site, cloud-based or a hybrid, and presents them on easy-to-read dashboards that allow clear oversight of overall performance. Problems can be spotted, diagnosed and rectified once found, by drilling down and correlating specific data points from across the network. This reduces downtime and thereby increases productivity within your organisation. On a deeper level, specific alerts can be configured to flag up critical events likely to be triggered by combinations of circumstances, for instance. This NPM even checks the physical state of your key hardware, reporting back on power supply, temperature and fan speed, or alerting you if there are abnormal readings that might need addressing. It works across the entire range of network devices from leading hardware vendors, regardless of supplier, out-of-the-box. And as noted, SolarWinds NPM is so easy to deploy, it can be up and running and producing a range of standard reports within around an hour. There’s also an array of over 100 templates to assist you to create your own custom network performance reports too. If you are being let down by your current network performance monitoring software, why not switch to SolarWinds web performance monitor solutions, supplemented with expert back-up in installation and training, if required, from Kenson Network Engineering Ltd?

Install And Use SolarWinds NPM With Expertise From Kenson Network Engineering Ltd

Here at Kenson Network Engineering Ltd, we understand how important your network is to the way you do business. Our job is to help you maximise its performance and availability. For that, we recommend SolarWinds NPM for the ultimate in network performance monitoring. But we don’t just supply the product and let you struggle: we’re there to help implement the solutions every step of the way. Every one of our engineers is a certified SolarWinds professional. Find out more about the products we sell and support at, and if you have any queries, you can call us on +44 (0)1285 647900 or email us at