SolarWinds NCM: An Overview of Network Configuration Management

SolarWinds NCM, or Network Configuration Manager, is just one of a suite of purpose-built software solutions designed by SolarWinds to deliver unexpected simplicity when it comes to the challenges posed by today’s dynamic, constantly evolving IT infrastructure. The range of products are affordable and offer impressive returns on investment once in place. But what advantages does the NCM solution offer? How easy are SolarWinds products generally to install and use? Moreover, is support available to iron out any teething problems or address any more serious issues you may face once the software is operational? This article looks at these factors in more detail.

How SolarWinds Can Assist With Network Configuration And Change Management

Network configuration is the process by which a system administrator sets up and manages an IT network, connecting people via hardware and software within an organisation or wider arena. Managing that process is a complex one, requiring the organisation and maintenance of up-to-date data on all the relevant components of that network, including servers, computers, mainframes, peripherals, network devices and so on. Moreover, it includes the configuration of routers, a host, network-based software, all to allow communication across the network. The three main advantages of using a configuration management tool include: firstly, the ability to streamline otherwise labour-intensive tasks such as maintaining, repairing, expanding or upgrading elements of the network. Secondly, having oversight of the whole network through such a tool also assists in sustaining reliable performance, minimising system downtime and errors that might cause or exacerbate that. And thirdly, network configuration management tools help reduce security risks, a very real consideration in today’s business world. Software such as the SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager assists by automating many of the routine and exceptional management tasks necessary. Also, unlike some such software solutions, SolarWinds Configuration tool is vendor-neutral, meaning it is designed to manage networks that are composed of software and hardware from a range of suppliers. It additionally includes, amongst a host of easy-to-implement features, options for disaster recovery and continuous monitoring of the network to protect it against security issues, such as real-time and immediate notification of unauthorised configuration changes. In short, SolarWinds NCM takes the pain out of managing the configuration of your network. SolarWinds NPM is an expert tool, but designed to be simple yet effective to use.

Will Your Teams Need SolarWinds Training To Use These Products?

Some IT Departments, especially in smaller organisations, may feel they lack the technical expertise and resources to apply the promised solutions successfully, even with the assistance of the software. There are two factors to bear in mind here. Firstly, that SolarWinds products are all designed by IT professionals who have worked in the field in various industries. They, therefore, understand the issues intimately and the software they write, test and release is informed by real-life, on-the-ground experience. Their aim is, and always has been, to create solutions that not only perform the task at hand, but are also intuitive, accessible and easy to use. The network administrators and engineers that compose their company have daily interaction with the worldwide community of IT specialists who use their products, and their input is utilised to continually develop workable, user-friendly and up-to-date solutions. So if you have a query regarding a SolarWinds product you have purchased, the company is an ongoing resource for information. Secondly, SolarWinds training can usually be secured from a reputable company licensed to resell its software in your territory. If you purchase any SolarWinds software from Kenson Network Engineering Ltd, you’ll benefit from unrivalled support from a company that’s approved by SolarWinds itself for its expertise in its products. All SolarWinds installation and training is delivered by professionals certified by SolarWinds; can be customised to meet the needs of your own environment; and is informed by real-life issues. Moreover, it can be conducted on your own site or within the company’s own classroom.

For Value Added Services And Sales Of SolarWinds NCM, Call Kenson Network Engineering Ltd

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