SolarWinds Monitoring Products That Exceed Customer Expectations Every Time

SolarWinds monitoring tools come from a company whose many products are used and trusted year after year by organisations worldwide. It’s estimated that over a quarter of a million customers take advantage of its purpose-built products, and licenses are renewed year after year. Multi-award winning, the company seeks to simplify the roles of IT specialists, managed service providers (MSPs) and development and operations (DevOps) professionals by offering straightforward, comprehensible powerful, and affordable software and services to manage IT infrastructure. This article looks at three of these SolarWinds products in more detail: the Server and Application Monitor (SAM), Serv U for Server Monitoring, and the Storage Resource Monitor.

SolarWinds Tools For Monitoring Server And Application Performance

There are a number of free tools currently available over the Internet designed to monitor the health and performance of your servers, so why pay for a commercial product? In essence, while these open source tools can be invaluable in appropriate settings, they are often too basic, or will take a disproportionate amount of time to customise, to meet many organisations’ requirements. The value in purchasing SolarWinds SAM (Server and Application Monitor), for instance, is that it offers out-of-the-box monitoring across server hardware supplied by multiple vendors. It will also monitor applications from Windows to Java, Linux to IIS, Exchange, Active Directory and 200 more, all to ensure your organisation benefits from less downtime by discovering and diagnosing issues promptly. What’s more, it can be installed and up and running within an hour. Likewise the SolarWinds Serv U – this is equally as quick to install and can be making a difference to the way your organisation carries out file transfers in no time at all. But what are the benefits of this product? In brief, it allows for the secure and safe transfer of your sensitive company data over both IPv4 and the new IPv6 networks. It is designed to meet all of the latest recommended and mandatory security policies and compliance requirements. And what’s more, it simplifies many of the tasks surrounding file transfer operations, with automated options and the ability to drag and drop files with its easy to use User Interface. With FTP server software like this, file transfer not only becomes a breeze; it offers peace of mind too. SolarWinds LEM are designed to enable network administrators and managers to quickly take charge of and troubleshoot the infrastructures they are responsible for.

Analyse And Allocate Your Resources Effectively With SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor

Within any organisation, all resources are precious, and this is no less true than when it comes to the storage you have available for files in your system. The IT department’s role is to closely monitor current needs and plan for future requirements, troubleshooting problems along the way. Monitoring storage usually consists of two main considerations: is there sufficient disk space to meet users’ requirements at the individual, departmental and organisational levels? And are there any storage-related issues impacting on the network’s performance? Concerns can occur in either area or in both, in which case they will impact on each other. The ability to have complete oversight of free space, file system-related statistics, transfers per second and read/ writes per second is essential for any system administrator who wants to ensure their storage network is operating at peak performance levels. That’s exactly what the SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor offers. SolarWinds network monitoring allows for agentless real-time, deep visibility across storage arrays from multi-vendor sources, with a full range of pre-defined and customisable alerts to give advance warning of any factors that might cause downtime across your system. If your IT department requires effective, intuitive and seamless oversight of performance and security of your hardware, apps, files and storage space, SolarWinds monitoring tools have you covered. For UK businesses, there is no place better to receive the solutions and support you need than Kenson Network Engineering Ltd, a long-time, certified supplier of SolarWinds products.

Full Range Of SolarWinds Monitoring Tools From Kenson Network Engineering Ltd

Based in the UK and have questions about any SolarWinds monitoring applications? Then contact us here at Kenson Network Engineering Ltd. As SolarWinds approved and certified resellers and engineers, we have the know-how to make these powerful software products work effectively for your IT department. As well as assistance with installation, we also provide consultancy and training services. And if you’re not sure whether a particular product is the right one for you, why not take advantage of a free month-long trial? Download the product of your choice today from our website at, or call us on +44 (0)1285 647900 with any questions. Alternatively, email us at