SolarWinds LEM – Why Choose It For Your Organisation?

SolarWinds LEM (Log and Event Manager) enables network administrators and managers to have a complete overview of their IT infrastructures, across one or multiple networks, in real time. As an IT professional, this is the kind of control you need at your fingertips to identify and rapidly resolve security threats and issues before they impact on your end-users. If you’re charged with managing the flow of data across your organisation, you may be wondering why you should choose software from SolarWinds? You may also be curious as to what functions this SolarWinds software has that will assist you in your role. This article seeks to answer those questions.

What Makes SolarWinds Products So Appealing?

SolarWinds has been operational as an enterprise information technology (IT) developer for over 18 years now, so has an in-depth understanding of the environment in which it and its clients operate. Throughout its lifetime, SolarWinds has been actively pursuing its mission to improve resources for IT professionals through purpose-built products that solve a huge range of IT challenges in organisations’ infrastructures, from overarching network performance software to the more specific, like the SolarWinds Log and Event Manager. What SolarWinds recognises is that technology moves faster than many can keep pace with, either in terms of knowledge or financial outlay. While technology advances, organisations often lag behind in their ability to manage the changes it brings. IT professionals find themselves frustrated, ill-equipped to cope with real-world IT challenges, because many management tools on the market are too expensive or complex to employ successfully. SolarWinds, therefore, concentrates on developing affordable software solutions that place the user at the heart. Products like SolarWinds LEM are designed to enable network administrators and managers to quickly take charge of and troubleshoot the infrastructures they are responsible for. The software and services are designed to be intuitive, so for instance, SolarWinds LEM training needs are minimal. They are also scalable, so appropriate for any size organisation, both at the time it is purchased and as the company grows subsequently. The SolarWinds team all have direct experience in managing IT environments and keep abreast of changes in the industry by communicating routinely and regularly with current IT administrators and systems engineers. This allows for constant evolution of the IT solutions it develops to address new challenges as they arise. SolarWinds IPAM and associated products such as the User Device Tracker and VoIP and Network Quality Manager are fast becoming some of the most essential tools in IT professionals’ armoury.

So What Role Do The SolarWinds Event Log Monitor And Features Play In Your Infrastructure?

Still using the SolarWinds LEM (Log And Event Manager) as an example, this software gives IT network managers and administrators an impressive 360o overview of their infrastructures. Activities, which take place on systems and applications used on a computer network, are logged centrally, and can be viewed and analysed to determine potential or actual security incidents. The ability to carry out this function effectively can save a company from financial or reputational loss, and can also help it comply with its industry and/ or legislative compliance requirements. The SolarWinds Event Log Monitor operates in real-time, so that issues can be identified straight away rather than retrospectively, when significant amounts of damage may already have been done. Built-in Active Response technology allows many threats to be taken care of swiftly and proactively with automated responses, such as blocking specific accounts or privileges or quarantining particular services. The LEM also allows for forensic investigation of past security incidents from logs and events across multiple sources throughout your organisation – every area is covered and the data centralised. Moreover, SolarWinds Log and Event Manager review functionality also includes out-of-the-box reporting for compliance against a wide range of national and international IT standards. It offers all this and more, all in a user-friendly and intuitive format for effective use from day one. Kenson Network Engineering Ltd is proud to have been a SolarWinds partner for over 15 years now and supplies the full range of SolarWinds products, all backed by installation, training and support services where required.

Support For SolarWinds LEM From Certified Engineers At Kenson Network Engineering Ltd

Installation of SolarWinds LEM is a relatively simple affair. However, if you need support, then here at Kenson Network Engineering Ltd, we won’t leave you to struggle. All our engineers are SolarWinds certified, with expertise in the products we supply. To find out the further benefits of the log and event manager and to get the product up and running within your organisation from day one, take a look at our website at We’re always delighted to advise on the right product for your requirements, so why not call us on +44 (0)1285 647900 or email us at today?